Long-range Antenna Owl L60K

The Owl L60K allows to receive faint WWVB 60kHz signals including the precise time signals from the National Institute of Standards (NIST) in Fort Collins, Colorado (40o40'N, 105o03' W) or the UK's National Physical Laboratory MSF in Anthorn (54°55'N, 03°15'W).

Long-range Antenna Owl L60K The L60k-106B is an active weather-proof antenna block with very high selectivity for nearby interference rejection.
Antenna has been calibrated using Helmholz coils fed with known output voltage from Signal Generator, which is capable of tuning steps 0.023Hz. Antenna's bandwidth is 20Hz, and effective sensitivity S=Aout(uV)/E(uV/m)  is 28m. Output impedance is 50Ohm. +12VDC power is supplied via the same 50 Ohm output signal's coaxial cable with TNC connector.

                            13" (34cm)
Diameter:                         3.5" (9cm)
Weight:                             2.2lb (1kg)
Operating temperature:   -40oF ÷ +120oF (-40oC ÷ +50oC)

Price: US$799.00

Typical antenna's performance data:

WWVB AM-signal pulses at the L60K output, received in Vancouver, BC(49o14'N, 123o01'W).
Distance from Fort Collins, CO is 1700km.

Measured selectivity (dBc) in the frequency range of ±100Hz from the centre 60.000kHz.