Introspek Scientific provides a wide range of Design, Development, Testing services in the Analog, RF, Microwave and Wireless research areas.

  • Design and implementation of Wireless Systems to your specifications.
  • Scientific research, experimental development, evaluation of the existing and evolving methods and technologies, turnkey solutions, feasibility studies, problem solving / troubleshooting.
  • Wireless Receivers, Transceivers, and Radar design: from extra low frequencies (ELF) to Millimeter-wave bands. Analogue and Digital receivers, Direct-conversion receivers, Superregenerators, Transponders. Automotive Radar 40/80GHz. Transceivers for ISM bands, and telemetry applications; FM-CW, TDMA, CDMA, TDD, FDD, LTE, etc.
  • Theoretical analysis and mathematical simulation to ensure high performance, reliability, and repeatability of the entire design (Matlab, MathCAD, Agilent ADS, CST, LTspice, Visual Basic, etc.)
  • Printed circuit board design for multi-layer EMC-compliant boards, from DC to mm-Wave, and high-speed interface circuits, Signal and Power Integrity, EMC compliant. (Tools used: Altium P-CAD/Designer, Mentor Xpedition, HiWire II, etc.)
  • Antenna design, Wireless links: point-to-point, mesh network, distributed communications; RF propagation survey (Over-the-Terrain, Underground, In-Building, etc.) to your applications requirements.

Some of our customers include
    Vanderbilt University
    Nautilus International
    Omnex Control Systems
Alcatel-Lucent Deutschland (now Nokia)
    Continental Automotive

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